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Ignite Idaho Family Resource Center

Strengthening families. Preventing child abuse.


 Life often presents us with unexpected hardships, and in these unprecedented times, it is easy to feel alone. Through our support groups, we help people in similar life stages and struggles to form a sense of community and discuss difficult topics in a supportive environment. 

Parenting Classes

We offer Parenting with Love and Logic classes in conjunction with Jaime’s Place Pregnancy Resource Center multiple times a year. We also offer Active Parenting classes and are working to expand our offerings. Our community is strengthened by giving parents tools they need to be successful.

NICU Support

Through our project, Cooper’s Corner, we provide both emotional support and NICU care packages to families in the NICU. Having a child in the neonatal intensive care unit can make parents feel deeply alone. Our goal is to alleviate some of the loneliness and provide hope to NICU families


Ignite Idaho Family Resource Center

106 E. Park Street, Suite 220
McCall, Idaho 83638

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Please note: in case of emergency, you should always call 911.



Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen families in the Valley and Adams County community and to prevent child abuse through education and intervention.

Ignite Idaho Family Resource Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in McCall, Idaho. We aware of the myriad issues that weaken families and contribute to adverse childhood experiences, and we aim to address these issues from multiple areas. Real-life challenges require a compassionate approach and multi-faceted problem-solving, and we aim to get creative as we walk alongside families in their struggles. Through developing community collaboration and cooperation, while connecting resources with those who need them, we hope to achieve our mission.


Connecting individuals and families in Valley and Adams County with the resources they need to thrive is our number one goal.

 As a family resource center, in addition to providing our own resources to families in our area, we also work together with a wide variety of other organizations, agencies, and even municipalities to connect individuals with the resources they need. We help connect people with the emotional, social, and fiscal resources they need in order to truly thrive. There are many resources available to those who need them, but one of the biggest hurdles people face is connecting all of those resources. We help make that connection possible. 

Together, we can make our community a healthier, stronger, safer place for all.